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Graag wil ik u welkom heten op mijn site.

Deze website is gewijd aan de chemie. Hier zal ik onder andere interessante artikelen publiceren. die door mijzelf geschreven zijn. Deze wil ik graag delen met anderen zodat zij ook toegang hebben tot interessante informatie en ietwat inzicht kunnen krijgen in wat er in de chemie speelt.

Het publiceren van mijn artikelen is gedaan voor studenten en onderzoekers. Echter, ik vraag u vriendelijk om op de juiste wijze te refereren naar mijn artikelen zoals ik refereer naar mijn bronnen.


Thank you for visiting my website.

It is dedicated to chemistry and used to publish interesting articles written by myself which I would like to share with others. I publish these documents so other authors, students and researchers can gain more insight in specific topics.

Although these documents are published to help others with their research or study, I kindly request you to refer to my articles properly like I did refer to my sources.



This site is property of Roderigh Rohling, Student at the University of Technology Eindhoven (TU/e): Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Last Update: January 12th 2013

University of Technology Eindhoven - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Master Student: Molecular Engineering
2012 - now
Research Assistant
(Group: Inorganic Materials Chemistry)
1. Dynamic simulations of zeolite-template interactions
2. TEM operator
July 2012 -  now

Bachelor Student
Bachelor Graduation Project (Group: Energy Materials & Devices)
Photo catalyzed formaldehyde degradation
Study Program Committee
November 2011 - now
Japie - Foreign Master Committee
November 2011 - now
Research Assistant (Group: Catalysis & Energy)
1. Catalyzed oxidation of (poly)alcohols
2. XPS analysis of model catalysts

June 2010-June 2011

Purdue University - West-Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.

August 22nd - November 13th 2011